“We Do”

Yoga Retreats in The Carmen of Santa Ana, a house built in the 19th century, its design inspired by traditional Moorish architecture.

It is located two minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Granada’s old town, at the foot of the woods which surround the Alhambra Palace, and yet gives the feeling of being isolated from the world in a place where tranquility and nature intertwine.


…is the culmination of our previous experience with yoga retreats, and also our new ideas in the world of yoga.

We offer all of this in the wonderful setting of Carmen Santa Ana, a traditional Andalusian house with a walled garden.

The Granada Yoga Retreats Team would like to offer you our comprehensive yoga programme together with our healthy vegan cuisine, with ingredients sourced from locally grown produce. Carmen Santa Ana lies at the foot of the Alhambra Palace, in the beautiful old town of Granada, Andalusia.


“Our yoga programme is designed to give guests the opportunity to experience the benefits of a daily yoga practice and then apply this to everyday life.”

We teach an INTEGRAL YOGA, which means that we seek to create a balance between the physical, psychic and spiritual aspects of each individual. Each session is, therefore, designed to bring about a sense of harmony between both the external (the body) and the internal (sensations, feelings, thoughts) dimensions.


“We are working to give our guests the option to participate in health and cook workshops, cultural visits guides and other events.”